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Fun Games for Your Kids to Play on The Trampoline

A trampoline is the ultimate garden toy, with so many fun games and activities to play with all the family. Here are just a few ideas for fun games to play on your trampoline.

Best Games for The Trampoline

Piggy in the Middle
Perfect for siblings to play together, piggy in the middle is a fun and traditional game with some added trampoline attitude!
Usually played with three players, if you have a larger trampoline, why not have two players stand at opposite ends of the trampoline facing on another, with the third player, or 'piggy', quite literally in the middle.
A soft ball is advised to prevent any unwanted head bumps, and to make it easier for small hands to grasp and catch. If you have a smaller or medium sized trampoline, this game can also be played with just the third player standing on the trampoline, whilst the other two players throw the ball back and forth across the top of it.
This can also be a good way for parents or carers to play with a child, as the child bouncing on the trampoline will feel just as high as the adults, adding to the excitement and fun of the game.
Sometimes called Poison Ball, Dodgeball is a great trampoline game for children of all ages. Depending on the size of the group playing, two sides must be split into teams.
As one team bounces on the trampoline, the other team must try to get them 'out' as they throw in balls from outside. Dodgeball is a fun game for all trampoline sizes, and using small colourful balls such as the ones found in children's ball pits are a perfect way to make use of other toys along with your trampoline.
Whoever is left standing - or bouncing! - by the end, is the winner.
Bounce Disco
Perfect from toddlers to teenagers, having a bounce disco on your trampoline is a creative new way to enjoy some outdoor game fun. Simply play your children's favourite songs, and then let them jump, bounce and dance along with the music.
Why not try adding in more difficult rules to keep things exciting?
Players must bounce to the beat or follow specific steps, and then a winner is selected from whoever can keep most in time with the music, which is harder than it looks on a trampoline!
Trampoline Catch
A traditional game but a firm favourite for a reason, trampoline catch can be played on any size of trampoline. All you need is a soft ball and two players. Although trampoline catch can be played in a group, with the ball thrown across a circle, it is best to play just as a duo in order to minimise any risk of injury.
With one player on the outside, the other player must bounce on the trampoline and try to catch the ball. Whoever manages the most successful catches wins. If you prefer to keep the game going longer, why not try adding point scoring and a leader board to add to the family fun element. Who will be the Trampoline Catch Champion?
A playground staple, tag can also make a fun and exciting trampoline game. Best played on trampolines with a net, players must race around the edge all whilst keeping one hand on the net.
Whoever is 'it' must try to tag them and get them out. Whoever is caught last will be the winner - and the next to try and tag everyone else!
Rainy Day Game
Just because the weather may be raining, doesn't mean you can't still play some fun games on your trampoline. Why not try putting on swimming costumes and jumping in the rain instead?
As the trampoline starts to fill up with water, it creates an even more bouncy surface, making it perfect for higher jumps and splashy bottom drops, along with other kinds of trampoline jumps and tricks! If your children want to play the rainy day game when it isn't actually raining, you can always wet the surface of the trampoline with a garden hose too, in order to create a fun and splashy experience, whatever the weather.
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