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In-Ground Trampolines

What are the benefits of an in-ground trampoline?

Accessibility - If the trampoline is going to be used by young children or anyone with mobility issues, a ground level, sunken trampoline will be much easier to both access and exit.

Safety - The easy accessibility and the fact that there isn’t a high drop off make users feel more secure and less anxious about using a trampoline.

It is still advisable to consider a safety net even with an in-ground trampoline, particularly when the primary users are young children.

Aesthetics - A large trampoline can become the dominant feature of a garden. To avoid spoiling the aesthetics, a strategically placed in-ground trampoline will be far less imposing and can easily be disguised when not in use.

A sunken trampoline is a perfect option for a small or landscaped garden.

Privacy – The lower level of an in-ground trampoline means that users aren’t bouncing high enough to look over fences easily, preserving the neighbours’ privacy.

Best Sunken Trampolines For Sale UK 2021

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  • 6,5 FT BERG Inground Favorit Trampoline - 200cm
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