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Review: Jumpking Trampolines UK




The Jumpking Trampoline Range 2021 – A Review of the Brand

Jumpking are one of the leading brands of garden trampolines in the United Kingdom, vying for popularity alongside brands Springfree, BERG, Plum & Vuly.

But how do their trampolines stack up against their competitors, and what makes a Jumpking trampoline particularly suitable for family’s looking for that perfect garden trampoline?

The Range: shapes, sizes and standards

As one of the largest trampoline manufacturers in the EU, one of the main benefits of opting for a Jumpking trampoline is the amount of choice you will find.

Jumpking trampolines come in all standard trampoline shapes: round, oval, square and rectangular, to cover all jumping needs from casual outdoor play to more experienced, gymnastic trampolining.

As well as this, sizes run from the smallest 4.5 ft trampolines for toddlers getting their first taste for the bounce mat, to larger garden trampolines ranging from 8 ft all the way up to 14 ft.

A lack of 6 ft option for the youngest children is regrettable, but an 8 ft trampoline is the most popular and versatile trampoline size for this age group.

This great range still means you’ll be sure to find the perfect trampoline for your children and your garden.

A great array of choice means you won’t have to compromise on suitability, picking a trampoline too small or large for its users, whilst the array of shapes, alongside Starter and Premium designs, are tailored to different levels of trampolining experience.


Our Favourite Jumpking Trampolines UK:

JumpKing 8ft x 12ft Rectangluar Trampoline V2


JumpKing 10ft Combo Deluxe Trampoline


Jumpking Rectangular 12ft x 17ft Trampoline with Enclosure


10ft x 14ft Rectangular Jumpking Trampoline


Jumpking trampoline met net en ladder JumpPod Oval 351 x 244 cm



Jumpking Circus Tent Canopy for 10ft x 7ft OvalPod (JK710TC)


JumpKing 14ft x 10ft Deluxe Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure


Jumpking 12ft x 8ft Deluxe Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure


JumpKing 8ft Combo Deluxe Trampoline


The Fun: bounces and ballgames

Thanks to Jumpking’s great range of trampolines, it’s a lot easier to find the perfect trampoline.

Of course, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to trampolining, and picking the right size for the user’s age is the best way to ensure they get the most fun out of their bounce.

Alongside all the fun and games children can invent whilst on a trampoline, Jumpking have come up with some ideas of their own.

Their Bounce N Dunk trampoline comes with an in-built basketball hoop, so that even the shortest children can jump like they’re a 7 ft basketball star.

Alongside this, there are great canopy and enclosure designs to let kids feel like they’re in a bouncing playhouse, all the while keeping them safely away from the ground.


The Safety: trusted design and quality accessories

Jumpking are a well-known, long-running, and much trusted brand.

A trampoline from Jumpking is made from strong, top-quality materials, so reliable that Jumpking’s warranty will cover the frame for 10 years, and the bed and springs for 5 years.

On top of this, with designs that have remained popular best-sellers for over a decade, the brand has had plenty of time to optimise and perfect their trampolines to create the perfect space for safe trampolining fun.

Of particular note are the enclosures that come with all Jumpking trampolines designed for garden use. Keeping up with the latest innovations, Jumpking’s enclosure designs meet the bounce mat in between the mat and the springs, meaning young children can’t get access to the springs whilst the trampoline is in motion.

As well as this, the enclosures are high, have a simple zip to close them, and are formed to keep children away from the supporting poles.

With multiple children bouncing on a trampoline at once a common sight, Jumpking’s sturdy enclosures ensure peace of mind.

On top of included enclosures, Jumpking also offer an array of optional safety accessories across their trampoline range, designed to fit on any of their trampolines of the right size.

You’ll find simple covers to keep the trampoline dry and safe to use after rain, as well as tie down kits to keep the trampoline safely anchored to the ground not only in use, but during strong winds.

There are also adders to make getting on and off the trampoline safer for younger, smaller children, as well as trampoline skirts that will restrict people’s (and pets’) access to the area beneath the trampoline.


The Price: a reasonable deal for everybody

One of the most decisive factors when it comes to shopping for a trampoline is the budget. Size is a major influence on trampoline price, but so are brands.

Fortunately, Jumpking’s large range of trampolines and different lines means that you will find enough choice to ensure you are only paying what you need to pay.

The largest rectangular designs, alongside designs incorporating in-built features will tend to be on the more expensive side, often reaching well over £500.

Whilst this is a steep price for casual backyard trampoline, there are enough Jumpking designs covering all sizes and shapes that it is not too hard to find a trampoline within budget that will provide children with all the fun they need.

Jumpking’s range of more compact and simple round designs offer a much more affordable option, with 8 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft trampolines all available between £200 and £400.

Also, with sturdy mesh enclosures provided as standard, there’s no need to be concerned that paying less means less safety.


Ultimately, the hunt for your backyard trampoline should incorporate a large number of brands to ensure you find the perfect size and shape for your family’s trampolining needs.

But any search that incorporates Jumpking is sure to find plenty of high-quality trampolines that are top of the line for the safety they provide.


Though Jumpking’s trampolines can be expensive, their quality materials and warranty assure longevity, to see your children bouncing for many years, whilst their impeccable safety features are a great assurance for any household.


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