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A Review of The Plum Play Trampoline Brand


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Plum Play Trampolines UK

Founded in 1988 by a husband and wife, Plum Play designs and sells kids’ toys to help kids rediscover the magical world around them and develop physical and mental skills.

Among the toys that Plum Play designs are swings and slides, climbing frames, scooters, and our focus today; Trampolines.

With Trampolines, the Plum Play brand insists that they are the market leaders in the UK with their Springsafe trampolines that not only focus on the safety of the children but also does not limit them from having the most fun.

Since it is a family run business created and ran by parents, customers looking for the best trampolines for kids may be automatically drawn to them. 

But just how good (or bad) is the Plum Play brand when it comes to designing and selling trampolines?


View The Full Range of Plum Trampolines

The Plum Trampoline Range 2021

When it comes to choosing the best trampolines for kids, there are factors that every customer must consider.

First, there are the safety measures that will ensure the kids are secure, the maximum weight supported by the trampoline, its height, size, and the quality of the material uses to design the trampoline.   


In terms of safety, the Plum brand is dedicated to making sure their trampolines are safely designed using Springsafe technology.

Their trampolines are therefore designed with high-performance springs that provide an even and controlled balance to the kids jumping in them.

Also, most Plum trampolines come with a safety enclosure nets that prevent kids from falling off and sustaining injuries. 


For the sizes, Plum Play has trampolines ranging from 4.5ft to 14ft+ to ensure they accommodate all the customers.


Plum Kids Magnitude Trampoline and 3G Enclosure



This, added to the different shapes of trampolines including circular, oval, square, hexagonal, and rectangular shapes makes the Plum trampolines suitable not just for kids but for Olympic gymnasts too.

Plum Play brand has many different trampoline models that the customer can buy from.

These include the Junior trampolines, Junior Jumper trampolines, Space Zone II trampoline, Magnitude trampoline, and Premium Magnitude trampoline just to mention a few. 

Here are more specific reviews of three trampolines offered by the Plum Play trampoline brand. 


Plum Web Springsafe 10ft Trampoline and Enclosure -

this 10ft trampoline designed by Play Plum is suitable for kids aged six years and above and supports a maximum weight of 100kg.

The best feature of this trampoline is perhaps the elastic bungee webbing springs that provide 20 percent more jumping space making trampolining safer and more fun.


Plum 4.5ft Junior Trampoline with Enclosure –

For someone looking for a simple sturdy mini trampoline suitable for toddlers, they should consider this trampoline.

Having a diameter of 140cm, the Plum 4.5 ft junior trampoline can fit in small spaces including small gardens and a small playground.

It is also designed with an enclosure safety net, so you are sure your kids are going to be safe. 


Plum Bowl Freebound Trampoline


With this trampoline, Plum has challenged the traditional spring-bound trampolines by introducing the first generation of springless trampolines.

This trampoline inspires the kids to play freely and learn new skills that will challenge them physically. It is suitable for outdoor use and supports the weight of up to 120kg.


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Additional Plum Play Trampoline Features

Another thing that is great with Plum Play is that they also offer trampoline accessories that enhance the user trampolining experience and help protect the trampoline against rust and breakage.

Some of the accessories Plum Play offers include trampoline covers to protect the trampoline bed, jumping mats that prevent wear and tear, trampoline anchor kits that protect the trampoline against strong winds, and trampoline ladders that help little kids safely climb on and off the trampoline.

Plum Trampoline Assembly

For customers who would love to assemble their trampolines at home, Plum Play Trampolines comes with a supply of tools like spanners, Allen keys, screwdrivers, and a spring loading tool that will make their work easier.

Also, if the customer needs to dismantle the trampoline, Plum Pay provides a rubber mallet that will gently detangle the frame pieces.

For users that have no idea where to begin, the Plum Play brand has a collection of informative videos on their Plum Play site that users can follow and make the assembly process faster and easier.


Deliveries of trampoline and trampoline accessories once ordered via Plum Play site take a maximum of two working days, a period in which you can track the order.

And because of the size and weight of the items, most Plum Play trampolines are usually delivered in parts that are then assembled.


When it comes to Warranty, each Plum Play trampoline individual product has its warranty.

However, there have been several complaints about the Plum Play Wave trampoline that has varying warranties in Walmart’s site which claims a five-year warranty and the Plum Play site that claims a one-year warranty for the same trampoline.

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Feel free to browse our website for the best deals on trampolines to suit all of your needs.

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