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Collection: Skywalker Trampoline Review

Skywalker: A Trampoline for the Young and Young-at-Heart

The trampoline market is heating up, and safety products are sizzling more than any other. The modern family expects its toys to comply with health and safety regulations, and old fashioned trampolines just don’t cut it. Their frames can break bones. Their springs can sprain ankles. Their irregular bounce can roll joints. Skywalker trampolines have solved all these problems, so they make frequent appearances on parenting sites. Are they everything they promise to be? Let's find out.

Safety Features

Skywalker trampolines solve the problem of metal hardware and spring gaps by placing the net along the inner circumference of the frame. You've probably seen this design before, but you've probably also seen a heavy price attached. Skywalker enters at the middle of the market, offering pocket-friendly prices through simplicity of design. Their design allows some lateral movement, and their net exposes some points of contact along the vertical frame, but they're an excellent solution for thin wallets. The brand sells an impressive number of sizes and shapes, from Premium six-inch rectangular products to homely 14-inch circular ones. Every product they sell has an enclosure net that's remarkably easy to assemble. Their patented design builds around 20cm of room between the net and the vertical frame. A T-socket design adds stability. The net itself is attached to the V-rings through a buttonhole so that jumpers are kept away from the springs. The jump mat is attached securely so that children can't slide through the bottom. The spring attachments are outside the safety enclosure. Add a year's guarantee, and you have the kind of budget-friendly investment you can trust. Fans of the brand say they love it for its quality. Skywalker's trampolines meet the stringent requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials—an NGO that tests a massive range of fabrications. Their pad offers excellent bounce, but their safety mechanisms aren't quite as airtight as the more expensive products on the market. This is an excellent entry point unit, particularly among families looking for extra sporting variety. Few families can afford the best safety trampolines in the industry, but they don't have to. Skywalker achieves a friendly balance between price and quality.

The Skywalker Difference

We've seen plenty of safety trampolines in our day, but none like Skywalker. This is a brand with creative spirit, and it shows. It sells modular jungle gym and swing equipment, so many of its trampolines hide in the gap between sport and trampoline hardware. Its product line includes jump pads with basketball nets and soccer goals. It has seaside adventure enclosures and triple toss trampolines. It also builds extra gaming fun into the net around the bottom frame, so there'll be no crying while the family waits for their turn on the pad. Trampolines just don’t get more exciting than this. Each of Skywalker's adventure products is designed to build balance and motor skills. They amplify imaginative play while incorporating graphics so that younger bouncers can work on their number or animal recognition skills while they jump. There's also a kickback net that fits conveniently into the lower frame. Here, a 15 to 17 round trampoline is fitted with a target for throwing and kicking. Many of its products also encourage climbing. Its 35-inch hopper mini trampoline is affordable enough to buy on a whim, and it even comes with a railing for tiny jumpers who haven't build their balancing powers yet. This unit is close to the ground with a fun frog design and padded cover. Springs are a little too extreme for toddlers, so this one uses stretch bands instead.

Autism Awareness

Trampolines are a powerful therapeutic tool that gives kids with autism a way to work on their processing power. Repeat physical movement organises incoming information, but trampolines are also important calming instruments. They help ASD kids to soothe anxiety, and Skywalker makes it easy for parents to for this audience. The brand does positive work in the ASD community, but you'll love it more for its capacity to adjust to your unique play needs. Trampolines don't create loud sounds, to they're just the place for ball games. The brand lets you invest in accessories separately, so you can adjust your trampoline for a different game as often as you like. Many of today's top trampoline manufacturers forget that a third of their market is younger than 18. They offer all the safety a parent could want, but none of the play value a 10-year-old needs. Skywalker's designers never forget that they're making trampolines for kids. They keep the grownups satisfied, but they excel at building equipment that thrills your average five-year-old. If jumping doesn't blow your hair back (or up) the simple addition of triple toss accessories will turn your workout into play. Its accessories are attached to the poles of your trampoline, with bean bags and detachable score tags to complete the kit. The only question to answer is, "Which is more fun? The inside of the trampoline or the outside?" The answer is neither. They're both equally fun thanks to the Skywalker creative team.

Trampolines for Adults

The average age of trampoline jumpers is growing, with adults entering the market in droves. Skywalker offers a fun way to exercise, even if you've escaped childhood. The brand makes tiny circular trampolines for inside use as well as huge Olympic-size rectangular products for more adventurous workouts. Its premium line gives exercise pros the bounce they need, while its standard line cuts the price for amateurs. Bored with jumping? Then try a jump, dunk, and kick arena. It has two hoops, so invite a gym buddy for extra fun. Skywalker is a great, mid-priced product for both kids and adults. Its massive product line has plenty of variety and its huge range of accessories can turn any yard into a playground. Bouncing has never been this much fun, and you don't need to empty your account to participate.
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