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Springfree Trampolines in the UK

Trampolines are the most fun you can have without chocolate. They might help you to exercise your way to a beach body, but their muscle-building powers do little to reduce their entertainment value. There's a reason the trampoline is one of the most popular features at any children's party. It offers vigorous, high-intensity exercise, producing the same physiological effects as a six-mile-per-hour run. Trampolines create a G-force effect that builds muscles and burns fat. They increase agility, improve balance, and build the muscles in your thighs, arms, hips, and core. You gain all of those benefits without leaving your front garden. Add a trampoline to your household, and screaming children will follow. No trampoline is kid-resistant, so the product you choose must have stringent safety features. Which trampoline should you choose? We love Springfree Trampolines, and this is why: Features to Look for in a Trampoline Poorly built trampolines cause 100, 000 injuries each year in the USA alone, so you'll need to eliminate the points of contact that cause them. Springs, hard edges, and hidden frames are notorious for causing harm. They're responsible for 90% of trampoline injuries. It's all too easy to bounce out of the centre of the trampoline, hitting your head on the edges or getting caught in the springs. Springfree trampolines eliminate all three of those risks. They're fully enclosed by tall netting that's positioned to prevent contact with the edge. The traditional frame design has been retired in lieu of a dropped frame with support poles that connect with the fabric beyond the netting's circumference. The famous spring-free design is the result of a complete overhaul of traditional engineering. This patented approach lets you safely lean all the way back against the netting without coming into contact with dangerous edges or surfaces. The net is firmly attached to the trampoline, so there's no danger of children slipping out. Your typical trampoline has a morass of nails and metal between you and the ground, and every one of them is a new opportunity for broken bones. It also exposes important joints to pressure, so the trampoline itself can come apart mid-leap. The springless design spreads the pressure throughout its surrounding poles instead of key joints, preventing lateral movements that can otherwise end in disaster. The product retains its stability while remaining completely immobile under your weight. Even the netting has been redesigned to improve its supportiveness. Unlike traditional trampoline nets, it can support a lateral adult frame, but can it bounce? Sacrificing Fun for Safety? Never! Of course, the most important feature of any trampoline is its ability to bounce. While springless trampolines don't bounce the same way others do, they're still as bouncy as you could hope for. They're engineered to build some bounce from the trampoline itself and some from its bouncy frame. Rest assured, you'll be reaching for the clouds. There are oval, round, and rectangular designs, and they're cited as the market leader for excellent reason. They're as fun as they are secure. What about Quality? Springfree recently hit the news when an SUV crashed through a neighbourhood fence and into the next-door trampoline. The car managed to break through the Springfree netting but couldn't break the trampoline mat or its frame. That should tell you everything you need to know about quality. These are products that have been put through strict strength tests, and they're built to offer you many years of fun. They're also built for low maintenance, so if you prefer not to worry about the maintenance requirements of your toys, this is your product. It has a 10-year warranty on all parts, including the net and frame. We've reviewed a huge range of trampoline products, so we're happy to add Springfree to our list. We think it belongs all the way at the top, not just for its features, but its price. It won't be at the bottom of the list when it comes to budget, but it's certainly one of the most pocket-friendly safe trampolines on the market today. What the Regulators Think The many injuries in the trampolining niche have attracted a range of quality watchdogs. Everyone from Red Dot to Family Choice have been assessing the best on the market for years, and Springfree is the most awarded one of all. It's won a Toyology Award and has been voted product of the year by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. It's hit Parents' Choice lists and won a Good Design Award to boot. You might have seen it on Ellen or in the pages of Forbes Magazine. It's an impressive history, and it tells us a lot about its safety. Springfree for Adults Springfree is more than just a child's toy. It's also carved a niche for itself in the adult's exercise industry, so you'll probably be interested in what it can do for your cranky knee or gout-filled toes. One of the most common trampolining injuries is a rolled ankle. Sprains are frequently caused by the unevenness of the mat surface. Springfree bounces without losing much flatness in the mat area, so you're far less likely to strain those muscles through rolling. Mat tension can keep your knees happy and prevent the balance loss that causes falls. You'll have more control of your body on a Springfree than on most other trampolines, so the brand has a 30% reduction in injury rates.


When Springfree was first designed, it was to give parents an easy way to keep their kids entertained. For that reason, the trampoline was crafted to be assembled by a single adult, so you'll be setting up your trampoline in no time. They make a good range of shapes and sizes, from jumbo to compact, and for the first time, small doesn't mean dangerous because there are no gaps to worry about. We love Springfree so much we'll be bouncing instead of running this season. It's certainly more fun than cycling through snow.
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