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Collection: Square Trampolines

Why Kids Love Square Trampolines

Many people may be familiar with square or rectangular trampolines from places like school gyms to Olympic events. You may be surprised to find that the square trampoline is also a viable trampoline option for people’s gardens.
Better option for many jumpers over the more common round shape.
BETTER BOUNCE: One of the most immediately noticeable differences between a round and square trampoline can be felt in the bounce.


HIGHER BOUNCES: This immediately means that a square trampoline will offer higher bounces, as well as more stable leaps, making these trampolines the superior option for those seeking the chance for plenty of air time.

MORE STABLE: As well as this, jumps on a square trampoline won’t pull the jumper back into the centre of the trampoline as on a round set up, which can potentially throw a jumper off from their intended direction.

Square Trampolines for Sale

Square trampolines will often be able to bear more weight than round trampolines due to the fact that not all the springs are necessarily pulled at once.

This will also mean reduced wear on the springs themselves. 

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