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Trampoline Anchors FAQ.

What is the best way to anchor a trampoline?

Center the wind stakes on the trampoline leg in the best possible way. Typically, wind stakes will provide the best stability if they are set at an equal distance from one another. In most cases, the stakes are spaced about two inches apart, making them wide enough to fit over most trampoline legs.

How do I keep my trampoline from blowing away?

A Trampoline Tie-Down Kit is used to help prevent your trampoline from blowing over in high winds. it basically 'straps' your trampoline to the ground using straps and large metal 'corkscrew' stakes. You don't need to keep it there all the time, but we strongly recommend using one when the winds pick up.

All trampolines should be anchored if being used outdoors.

The best anchors or tie-down stakes will twist into the ground for several inches. ... Then wrap the strap around the trampoline leg as many times as possible before securing it to the stake or anchor.

How much wind does it take to flip a trampoline?

How Much Wind Will Lift A Trampoline? You know, wind speed depends largely upon the regions and varies in different locations. In general, if the wind speed is more than 40 mph then it is considered that the trampolines may blow away.

Will sandbags hold down a trampoline?
Sandbags. A basic and simple way of putting some weight on a trampoline is by using sandbags. You basically just have to place sandbags on the trampoline's legs to hold it down and ensure it doesn't move during storms and high winds.
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