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Vuly Trampolines UK – A Review of the Brand


Deciding on the right trampoline for your garden can seem like a dizzying task. As well as considering the right size for the garden space available, and for the children using, there are also things to consider like shape, bounce, and safety. All this then must fall within the right price range. Fortunately, there are many trampoline brands, with broad catalogues of designs to help you find the right one. Vuly Play is a relatively recent big brand on the trampoline market, started in Australia, who now offer their trampolines for sale in the UK. But how does a Vuly trampoline stack up against their popular competitors like Kanga, Berg, and Skywalker? This review will run through Vuly’s most recent trampoline range, considering the variety, fun, and safety of their trampolines, all with an eye to the price, to make finding the right trampoline that bit easier. The Range: Small but Simple Vuly Play’s range of trampoline may at first seem smaller than the offerings from their major competitors. With only four trampolines on offer in their latest line-up, this may seem rather restrictive, though each of the available designs does come in a range of sizes from small to XL. What this smaller range does mean is that Vuly has developed an individual flavour to each option. The four models currently on offer from Vuly are the Lift trampoline, the Lift Pro, the Thunder trampoline, and the Thunder pro. From among this slim line-up it’s still possible to find the right trampoline. The major difference between the Lift and Thunder designs is that whilst the first incorporates classic coiled trampoline springs, the Thunder design uses what Vuly call compact leaf springs. These leaf springs are part of Vuly’s springless and padless design incorporated into this premium option. The sizes of the Lift trampolines range between 8 ft and 14 ft, though as the Lift trampoline incorporates traditional springs and a safety mat, this does mean slightly less room on the bounce mat. For the Thunder design, sizes go from around 7 ft to 14 ft, with the Thunder Pro design’s size spanning from 14 ft all the way up to a massive 16 ft. As the Thunder design is springless and doesn’t require a protective mat around its edge, all this space can potentially be used for bouncing. Whilst Vuly’s trampolines unfortunately do not come in a variety of shapes, their focus on creating a small but differentiated range of round trampolines means that there’s still lots to consider when browsing their designs. The Fun: classic but customisable At first glance the range of Vuly trampolines might not seem like the most fun option, as it lacks the assortment of shapes you might see elsewhere on the market. But ultimately Vuly’s focus on round shapes means they have been able to maximise size, particularly on their Thunder option. Maximising size without compromising safety means kids will have more than enough room to have fun. On top of this, Vuly’s focused catalogue of trampolines has allowed them to develop a range of fun trampoline accessories that will fit many of their models. From basketball hoops, to boards allowing kids to try out boarding tricks from the safety of the bounce mat, there’s plenty of fun to be had with these add-ons. Even trampoline tents and coverings can add to the sense of adventure, turning the trampoline into a den. The Safety: integrated safety at every step By focusing on a small range of trampolines, Vuly have developed impeccable, integrated safety features that are sure to keep children safe. The basic Lift option is built to be Vuly’s most durable trampoline, with the included as-standard safety features being among the best in the business. The springs on this model are covered by padding, with the enclosure coming between the bouncer and the springs. As well as this, all poles are free of exposed nuts and bolts, to ensure children don’t catch themselves on anything. The springless design on the Thunder assures even more safety, where again the included enclosure is built to the highest standards. The enclosures super find mesh ensures no trapped fingers, whilst the supporting poles bend away from the trampoline so that children can’t bump into them. On top of this, the enclosure includes a zip-up door. All this, on top of the springless design, makes it one of the safest trampolines on the market. Vuly also offer a large array of safety accessories, from trampoline skirts to ladders and anchor sets, to optimise the experience for all kinds of families. Conclusion: the price and what you get Vuly’s small array of options cover a lot of ground. Whilst the Vuly Lift option is a great pick if you are on a tighter budget, the Thunder and Thunder Pro are some of the best trampolines for those with more money to spend. Of course, picking a pro model, and opting for a larger size will drive the price of the trampoline up. But the fully integrated safety features, and optional accessories for each trampoline makes Vuly a great choice for family’s looking for a classic round trampoline created with impeccable design.

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